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In 1947 William E Bassett following a dream, developed a fingernail clipper of exceptional quality and design using new manufacturing methods. This was the beginning of the TRIM product line. Today the product line has grown to include more than 150 quality products.

William C Bassett joined the company in 1963 and is currently Chairman of the Board. Our “family” has grown significantly over the years to include many loyal employees who have made lifelong commitments to the company including our current President, Craig Finney who joined the company in 1978. For over 70 years The W.E. Bassett Company has been located in the state of Connecticut in the USA.

W.E. Bassett Co.

In 1998 the company acquired Cook-Bates implement division of Pacer Technologies and in 2009 the implement division of Millers Forge. Today “Bassett Brands” is the largest supplier of Beauty Implements in the USA. We are sold in more than 60,000 retail outlets across the country and more than 74 countries around the world.

In 2007 Bassett Brands entered the retail foot care market as well. Today we offer more than 60 quality products to meet the demands of today’s consumer.
Throughout the years the scope of the company has grown and changed. However we remain a family owned business into the 3rd generation of management, dedicated to supplying quality products at affordable prices through our retail partner’s world wide.

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